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home the metalanguage

home builtin procedures

There are only a very small number of builtin procedures. In particular there are no system interface procedures as yet. These can of course very easily be added as needed ad hoc, but there must be a minimal set that it would be sensible to provide as standard. Suggestions are welcome.

home bindings to other languages

Wrappers that do for other languages what is already done for C and D are easy to add, and the external interfaces are intended to make it as easy as possible to connect to other languages. But in each case there is a mountain of documentation to digest: here are a few obivious candidates, in no particular order:

home bindings to code generators

Integrating the language machine with a fully fledged code generator and optimisation framework offers intriguing possibilities. Again the main obstacle is understanding the interfaces and conventions used in each case. A few candidates:

home bindings to frameworks and applications

Again, so many possibilities, so much documention to read. A few obvious candidates:

home documentation documentation documentation

The sources are laid out to suit my need to see as much on the screen at a single glance as is possible. The D-to-D process can act as a pretty printer, but strips out the comments

More documentation is in preparation, including a book. But other angles are always helpful. I have spent most of my working life thinking in variants of the metalanguage, so things that seem easy and obvious to me may not be obvious to others