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home list processing in the lambda calculus

 true     = \x\y x;
 false    = \x\y y;
 if       = \p\x\y  p x y;  

home the Y function for anonymous recursion

 yfunc    = \g      (\x  g(x x)) (\x  g(x x));

home list processing functions

 cons     = \h\t\f f h t;
 hd       = \l l (\h   (\t h));
 tl       = \l l (\h   (\t t));
 nil      = false ;
 null     = \l l(\x\x\x false)true;

home recursive and Y-recursive append

 yapp     = \f \l1 \l2 if (null l1) l2 (cons (hd l1) (f (tl l1) l2));
 yappend  = yfunc yapp;
 append   = \l1 \l2 if (null l1) l2 (cons (hd l1) (append (tl l1) l2));

home zip two lists to make a list of pairs

 zip  = \l1\l2 if(null l1) nil (if(null l2) nil (cons (pair (hd l1) (hd l2)) (zip (tl l1) (tl l2))));

home reverse a list

 rvw = \in \ou if (null in) ou (rvw (tl in) (cons (hd in) ou));
 rvx = \ls rvw ls nil;

home map a function to each element of a list

 map = \f \l if(null l) nil (cons (f (hd l)) (map f (tl l)));
 dup = \x (x x);

home test of list processing functions

 s = cons a (cons b nil);
 t = cons c (cons d nil);
 u = cons e (cons f nil);
 l = cons 1 (cons 2 (cons 3 nil));
 m = cons 4 (cons 5 (cons 6 nil));
 n = cons a (cons b (cons c (cons d (cons e (cons f nil)))));
 the lists ;
 testing for null;
 null nil;
 null s;
 append nil t; 
 append s t; 
 append t s;
 append s (append t u);
 append (append s t) u;
 append (append s t) (append t s);
 Y recursive appending;
 yappend nil t; 
 yappend s t; 
 yappend t s;
 yappend s (yappend t u);
 yappend (yappend s t) u;
 yappend (yappend s t) (yappend t s);
 appending where both lists result from appending;
 append (append m l) (append l m);
 append (append l (append m l)) (append l (append m l));
 append (append (append m l) l) (append l (append m l));
 append (append l (append m l)) (append (append m l) l);
 append (append (append m l) l) (append (append m l) l);
 zip  s t;
 zip  n m;
 zip  m n;
 zipping appended lists;
 zip n (append l m);
 zip (append l m) n;
 zip n (append l m);
 zip (append l m) (append m l);
 rvx l; 
 rvx m; 
 rvx n;
 reverse appended lists;
 rvx (append (append m l) (append l m));
 appending a list to a reversed list;
 append l (rvx l);
 append n (rvx l);
 appending a reversed list to a list;
 append (rvx l) n;
 append (rvx n) m;
 appending two reversed lists;  
 append (rvx l) (rvx m);
 map dup l;
 map dup m;
 map dup n;
 mapping to an appended list;
 map dup (append s t);
 mapping to a reversed list;
 map dup (rvx n);